Paseo de Ruzafa 8, planta 3, 46002-Valencia. Tlfs: 609 329 344 / 622 243 606.

Bionexum Health Valencia

We welcome you to our Center located in the heart of Valencia where we offer psychological, psychiatric, medical, nutrition, physiotherapy and music therapy services among others. In our premises, you can meet our specialists through a free initial consultation without obligation. Make an appointment and visit us.

Our methodology includes in depth screening and diagnostic study, comprehensive treatment plan as a result of a team effort by different health professionals who will work with you to understand your crisis in a thoughtful way, and together seek solutions that really work for you. You can check your case with our team of professionals who will offer a you comprehensive, scientific, natural and modern approach. Our team is backed by many years of experience, international collaborations and unblemished professional reputation also commited to continuous education. Battered women receive free group treatment at this center. Call or email us to make an appointment